About Me

Iím Beth, head crocheter here at Red Squirrel Crafts. Thanks for stopping by my website to say hello!

Hereís a brief bit about me. Up until a couple of years ago I lived in a nice big house in a suburb of Southampton and I worked as an accountant. Now I live in a wee hoose in a tiny village in Galloway Forest Park, and I make crocheted jewellery. If you want the longer version of how I got from one to the other, click here :-)

Things I love: my husband, my dogs, my gorgeous friends, photography, crochet (duh!), living simply, spending time in nature. I adore Galloway: every day I get to see mountains, trees, rivers, wildlife and the most incredible natural beauty. I love climbing mountains and being outdoors.


About Red Squirrel Crafts

I started crocheting after I moved to Scotland, and very quickly fell in love with the craft. I soon started working with tiny crochet hooks, fine cotton thread and beads, to create unusual and beautiful jewellery, and so Red Squirrel Crafts was born.

I feel a deep connection to the natural beauty here in my new home in Glentrool, surrounded by mountains, forests, lochs and rivers. This reflects strongly in my work; the pieces I create are rooted in and inspired by the natural world around me. My designs include flowers, leaves, butterflies, sunshines, stars and snowflakes. I strive to capture the vibrant colour and beauty of Galloway in my jewellery, and each item is individually hand crafted with love and care.

One of the joys of creating a hand crafted piece of jewellery in thread is the ability to match the colour to any outfit, and I specialise in bespoke commissions and wedding jewellery. A highlight of my first year in business was designing a choker for a close friend, and seeing her wear it at her wedding.

My current collection includes my ďFour SeasonsĒ pendants, inspired by the ever-changing seasons here in Galloway.

About Red Squirrels

I had never seen a red squirrel before I moved to Scotland and itís fair to say that I have fallen in love with the wee cuties. We have a few that live just down the road from us and my husband and I have spent many a happy hour squirrel spotting with our cameras (thatís where this photograph was taken). So when I was thinking of a name for my new business, I immediately thought of Red Squirrel Crafts. 

Sadly red squirrels are under threat and their numbers have been dwindling. My husband and I both volunteer our time with the project to save them. As well as donating time, I intend to donate some of my profits to the red squirrels themselves by adopting squirrels  - check back regularly to see my collection of squirrels growing!